Due to Covid-19, and the fact that it seems impossible to organise any events in this climate, we are currently no longer participating in the Troutmasters' Competitions.


Winners of previous Troutmaster 'Fish Offs' at Norton Fishery


The Winner of the "Fish Off" at Norton Fishery on 30th March was again Alexander Voronyuk with his 3 fish total weight of 12lb 10oz, including time bonus.  All caught on buzzers.

The winner of the 2017/18 'Fish off' held on 31/3/18 was won by Alexander Voronyuk with 12lb 4 oz for three fish inc. time bonus.   Everyone caught their bag limits at the Troutmasters 'Fish Off' with really good weights.  Well done Alexander.



Winner 2015/2016 - Wajid Shah

25.03.2017.  Another win for Wajid Shah

Winner 2012/13 -Andy Whittaker


Winner 2014/2014 - Krystian Wicinski

Winner 2011/12 - Andrew Whittaker.

Junior Winner 2011/12 - Brandon Wilkins.

Winner 2009/10

Winner 2010/2011 - Edward Westmacott





Britain's biggest trout fishing competition.  Each month the anglers catching the three largest trout at Norton Fishery are awarded the exclusive Troutmasters badge.  Each earn a place at our fish-off in March the following year and the winner of that competition is invited to fish in the national final.  It is is run across the UK by “Trout Fisherman Magazine” (the sister paper to “Trout and Salmon Magazine”) for trout fisherman to compete against each other.  There are various waters throughout the UK that are designated as official Troutmasters waters and anyone who fishes at one and lands a good sized trout can enter that fish into the competition by filling out a Troutmaster form.   There is also an award for the most consistent trout angler of the year.   If you want to enter, the blank forms are by the catch return box in the lodge.

The competition ticket price is £20.00  (‘3-fish’ ticket).  The starting time for every event is 9.00 am, but you are advised to arrive at the fishery around 8.15 am. to allow plenty of time to tackle up and have a cup of tea or coffee.  If you are interested, please contact the office to reserve a place on 01708 688 525.



The competition runs from 21 December to 20 December the following year.

Entrants must be aged 14 years or over for the Troutmasters or 13 years and under for the Junior Troutmasters.

·         Entries must be received within 5 days of capture.

·         Proof of posting is not proof of entry.

·         Each monthly competition runs from 21st of the month to the 20th of the following month.

·         Judging takes place on 25th of the month. Entries after this date will not be considered.

·         Illegible or incomplete forms will be rejected.

·         The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

·         Juniors must be 13 or under on date of catch.